Sticking To Your Thoughts

Brandi Persutti, Reporter

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Senior Emma Cansdale working on Think Positive mural

Senior Emma Cansdale working on Think Positive mural

At Alden High School, students are introduced to a variety of different clubs to further involve themselves in their interests. Kicking off the first Art Club project, students got together and created murals to decorate the school halls. The main idea of this was to not only add more character to the halls but to provoke the power of thought and using the right side of your brain. The first two meetings consisted of students getting into groups of 4-5 to brainstorm the ideas. On the third , they unrolled the taped and got to spreading the creativity. Each mural has a different theme showing off all the different ideas that students came up with. A lot of hard work was put in to the murals are hung up around different sections of the school. Art Club would like to thank the Buildings & Grounds Dept. for their support and administration for approving the project. As well as a thank you to Carbone’s Pizzeria for their donation of the tape that was used! If interested in getting involved in fun projects like this, see Mrs.Kosinski in Room 219 about joining or attend the meetings that are held every 3rd Thursday of the month!  You do not need to be enrolled in an art class to join. Your creativity is needed!


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