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Jordan Lorenc
I am currently a senior at Alden High School. I lived in Lancaster the first couple years of my life when my house was being built. I've went to Alden since kindergarten. I cheered one year on AJF and then continued my cheerleading career at the High School on the varsity team. I've been apart of football cheerleading for three years now, I'm completing my fourth year now. I am one of three captains this year and so far we are making a lot of progress. We have a lot of skills that we haven't had in previous years and I'm really excited for how the season will be laid out for us.  I've cheered for basketball for 2 seasons, I took off last season because I started my job at Target in December. I still currently work at Target as the operator and occasionally I will work out on the floor in the clothing department. I am an active member in Donate Life Club. I have three younger sisters and two little dogs. I'm unsure with what I want to do in the future, but I am looking into something in business or counseling. I am leaning towards attending a community college at first to get my basic classes out of the way, giving myself more time to think. Then, I would plan transferring out into a school focusing more on what I want to do. I'm super excited for my last year in High School and being a part of WACS News! I think it will be a perfect way to wrap up my senior year.

Jordan Lorenc, Feature Reporter

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