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Kayla Derenda
ABOUT ME: I've lived in the town of Alden for 17 years. I am currently a junior at Alden High School. I have a younger brother named Matt who is an 8th grader at the middle school and plays for the JV soccer team this year. I play on the Varsity Soccer team and have since the beginning of my high school career. Our girls Varsity soccer teammates are a pretty close knit family and its always a blast practicing or playing games with them. I've been playing soccer over 10 years now.  I play for the Western New York Flash Academy Soccer team. It is an elite soccer team that travels from state to state and competes with other elite soccer teams around the United States. Other than playing soccer literally 24/7 , I really enjoy art. It's one of my favorite classes that I've taken since the beginning of high school. I also like going out with my friends to see movies, going on adventures,  trying new restaurants, and singing songs super loud in my car. One of my favorite foods is chicken wings and I like cooking romantic meals for my best friend, since 7th grade, Brooke Meyer.  Just kidding but I really do enjoy cooking. After high school I plan on playing soccer in college and having a career in physical education.  I don't necessarily know quite yet where I would like to go to college but I defiantly want to stay local, close to home where my friends and family live. I've never been a part of WACS News, but I am very excited to start.

Kayla Derenda, Sports Anchor

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