In The Halls: Parents Edition


Erin Matthewson, Anchor

I decided that this year it would be an amazing idea to report in the halls at curriculum showcase. We often see many of students, but now it was the parents time to shine. Every year Aden High School hosts a curriculum showcase night to present to parents what their children are learning in school. I thought it would be hilarious to ask the parents questions about pop culture and things we learn in the classroom everyday. The participation was… uncanny. During my time at the event I quickly learned that the parents of the Alden community are more camera shy than their children. Due to the lack of participation we at WACS News decided to make a “success count” of how many time I would be rejected. Using question such as “Use the phrase BET or low key in a sentence” to see if the older generations would correctly understand how we use these common phrases today. Many of the parents had to really think back to their times in High School to reflect on questions such as “What are the first two elements on the periodic table?”. This video was a blast to make and I’m humbly honored to have had the chance to create this video.