Behind the Pages: Yearbook Club


Hannah Roy, Anchor

Yearbook distribution day is one of the most exciting days of the school year. Going through and looking at all the pictures always puts a smile on peoples faces. Every thing about the book is intriguing. The pictures, the designs, the quotes, everything about it makes you want to keep looking. The books turn out amazing and all the credit goes to Alden’s yearbook club. Making and creating the yearbook is a lengthy process that takes longer than you would think. Believe it or not, yearbook club has been working on creating the 2019 book since early spring of last school year. Mr. Masci is the advisor for the club, he knows there’s a lot of work that needs to get done so starting on the book early relieves some of the stress so not everything is rushed for the following year. Figuring out who are the members of the club, the theme, the design and layout of the book are all figured out in the previous year so when the next school year starts the club can get started right away. As the year starts, yes some things are figured out and done but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The club still has to obviously get everyone’s school picture and put them in order by grade and alphabetical. They also need senior quotes, baby pictures, sibling pictures, senior plans, etc. They take pictures at all of the sporting and school events as well. On top of having all of these things and more to do, they also have deadlines. The yearbook is basically split up into sections and each section has to be done by a certain day making this even harder. To get everything they need done on time, yearbook club meets every Wednesday and stay at school until 5:00 or later. The members this year spend so much of their time dedicated to making the book