The Anderson Fundraiser


Hannah Roy, Anchor

Alden’s Youth Against Cancer club recently traveled to Anderson’s on Monday, March 11th, for one of their fundraisers. The purpose of their fundraisers are to save up to do other fundraisers or to donate to causes such as Roswell. At Anderson’s the club was selling coupon books and they were also giving away tickets to use at the register. The coupon book consisted of several coupons which included discounts for food, desserts, and special events. The books were only four dollars and the club got to keep three out of four of the dollars giving them a 75% profit. Along with the books were tickets. The tickets were handed out to everyone that was making a purchase and it gave the club 20% of whatever you spent. On the back of the ticket you were also able to write your name and number to be entered in one of Anderson’s raffles that they do to win free prizes. After consulting with Mrs. Kaderli, the Youth Against Cancer clubs advisor, she said the fundraiser this year was one of the best she has ever had. Hopefully their upcoming events are just as good. For their future events you can check in with Mrs. Kaderli through email at