Budget 2019: Proposition 3 – Buildings & Grounds Equipment

Proposition 3 Budget Vote


Proposition 3 on the 2019-2020 budget vote entails the purchase of buildings and grounds equipment. Alden Superintendent, Mr. Stoltman stated that it’s important to note that the school isn’t replacing the equipment annually, but what the school is trying to do is get on a rotation to replace the equipment on a more regular basis. This includes the tractor, trucks, plows, and such. He also explains that this proposition is compared to something like a savings account. By asking the community to save money for all intents and purposes for the capital reserve for the buildings and grounds equipment. To get a more in depth look at what all this equipment is that our schools use I also talked to Mr. McCormik, the Head Custodian, of buildings and grounds. He was able to show me around the barn with all the equipment and explained to me what each thing was and what it is used for, which was basically the tractors, trucks, and plows which all are used to help the school have a functioning school day. We also discussed the new equipment we will be getting in the next year. As many¬† know, the school is investing in a new synthetic turf football/soccer field. Proposition 3 lets us invest in 3 different implements. I had the chance to interview head Groundskeeper, Scott Peterman, to explain what these implements are. Basically all the equipment that’ll be used is to deep clean the turf field and to maintain it to keep it looking nice. One final thing about proposition 3, is the Ford F350 pick-up with the plow packaging. After interviewing both Mr. Stoltman and Mr. McCormik, I learned that some of the trucks they plan on replacing are almost five years old. They typically try to replace the trucks every four to six years. The school places the trucks along with the plows up for auction. This allows the school to sell the trucks for the same amount of money that the school uses for for purchases of the new trucks with the plows included provided by the state. The 2019-202 budget features many elements but proposition 3 has no tax impact on the Alden Community Members. For more information on the 2019-2020 follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and look on the WACS News website.