Proposition 2: Purchase of New Busses


Dylan Colosanti, News Reporter

Proposition two of the Alden high schools bus budget still continues as the district is on the urge of receiving new buses from the capital reserve. Most of the time vehicles are replaced after ten years and or drives more than 100,000 miles driven based on the bus replacement schedule. The bus replacement schedule still in continuation for Alden buses. To get more in detail for the current composition, we interviewed Debbie Hoffman, who is the transportation supervisor, in order to get more in depth about proposition two on Alden’s bus budget. The schools fleet consists of 53 vehicles and the districts fleet has traveled approximately 555,000 miles since last year. The maximum cost for the new budget is 435,000 form approved capital reserve funds. The department recommends an annual replacement schedule. Deborah Hoffman explains more to why the Alden school district must use the replace meant schedule for the buses. The bus budget doesn’t interfere with the general budget, which means. Buses are purchased with the existing capital reserve funds and do not impact the general Fund Budget. Hopefully proposition two will go through for the Alden central school district bus budget.