Environment Science; Hydroponics


Hannah Roy, Anchor

Environmental Science is a class we have here at Alden High School and the course is there to educate students on current environmental issues. Since February the class has had an ongoing project on Hydroponics. According to Mr. Kasper hydroponics is the growth of plants without the use of soil. This means you can grow plants in any substance you please such as water, sand, or stones. If you provide water for the plants, the correct amount of sunlight and the correct nutrients needed for the type of plant you are trying to grow then you can grow the plant without needing soil. There are many plants that one can grow hydroponically. Some plants that you can’t grow hydroponically are larger fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, pumpkins, corn, squash, etc. It’s also hard to grow fruit or vegetables that need tropical settings to grow in. Although you are in control of how much sunlight your plant can get and you can put the plant in a heated room, it might not be as successful as it would be in a natural soil based tropical area. According to these conditions most groups decided to grow things such as basil, mint, strawberries, lettuce and even tomatoes. Mr. Kasper stated in the beginning of the semester when he introduced this project to the class that he was very excited because he’s been planning to attempt this project for a while. He also stated the purpose of doing this project was to teach his students about how it’s better for the environment to grow your own plants because it limits the use of pesticides used on your food. Kasper states that if everyone was to at least grow some of their own plants then together we can make a difference.