Homecoming Parade

Braden Fix, Reporter

I made a video on the four classes floats and what happened at the parade. I interviewed each class president to get information about their float. First, the freshman class president, Mason Brody. Him and his class had a riverdale themed float. They had a counter top scene from the show with milk shakes and all the old fashion diner things. Then, the Sophomore president Caleigh Hoerner. Her class had Americas got talent. They recreated the stage of the show with working red x’s that buzzed when they pressed a button. They also had a confetti cannon that didn’t actually shoot confetti but it looked pretty cool. Thirdly, I interviewed the Junior class president, Charlie Freeman. We talked about his classes Friends themed float. They recreated the show central perk which is a coffee shop that the friends hang out at for whats seems like half the show. Then, last but not least the senior class president Zach Bennett. His class got in my opinion the best show The Office. They mad paper boxes because dunder mifflin is a paper company and they also referenced many episodes of the office. I also got b-role of each float and the band at the start of the parade.