Woodshop Two Projects


Braden Fix, Reporter

This video is about the woodshop two projects. These are projects made by skilled workers in our Alden High School. There were things made like tables, chairs, lamps, and picture frames. I was able to get most of the projects but some kids did take theirs home before I could get footage or a picture. I also got photos from the woodshop teacher from last years projects so we would have some finished projects to show. I also went down to the woodshop to get footage of this years projects. Last year there were more mechanical things made like a truck and an amazing furnished jewelry box. This year there are more everyday use items like chairs, tables, and picture frames. The ideas for these projects come from the students and is one hundred percent hands on work. In order to get into this class you must complete woods one with a passing grade. This is because of the amount of hard work and knowledge you have to put into this class everyday to make sure your project is done by the time line which is the en of the marking period. As you can see in this video many people still struggle at making this dead line so this class also teaches good time management.