Best Of Alden: Submarine Sandwich Edition

Wyatt Riddoch, Anchor

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This week, I tried some of the best Submarine Sandwiches that Alden has to offer. The subs were from John and Mary’s on Broadway located across the street from Dollar General. The next restaurant we visited was Carbone’s. this restaurant is also located on Broadway across the street from Verizon. The final location we visited was Geoffano’s also on Broadway. The subs were all chicken finger subs with all the same ingredients, Tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and mayonnaise. The sub race was close and they all had their own unique characteristics. The Carbone’s sub had the best chicken fingers in the sub, they were seasoned very well. For John and Mary’s, was the best texture. All of the ingredients meshed very well and was delightful to eat. For the Geoffano’s sub, it had the best medium sauce. The sauce wasn’t too much to handle but it still had the right amount of kick. All the subs were well made but some of the subs had better characteristics than others but all in all they were good. Stay tuned for more food videos from your very own legend. I’m Wyatt Riddoch from WACS News, thank you for reading and have a blessed day

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