In the Halls: Halloween Edition


Erica O'Connor, Reporter

This story is about the Halloween season in Alden High School. Every year the senior class is allowed to dress in costumes and parade across the auditorium stage. Seniors can sign up in the guidance office to be able to walk across the stage and have a song play during it. Many seniors decide to go in groups or dress solo. I took on the halls to ask the senior class what they’re dressing as and to ask other grades some spooky Halloween riddles. Not many of the students knew the answers to the riddles that were asked and some were very close. Seniors had many different types of costumes to wear and gave many variations of a response.

Riddles asked were:

What do you get when you cross Bambi and a ghost? (bamboo)

What does a vampire never order at a restaurant? (a stake)

What’s a vampire’s favorite candy? (a sucker)

After the riddles I pulled seniors aside and asked what they planned to wear for Halloween on the 31st.