Boo II: Teacher Edition


Matthew Robertson, Producer

Spooky season is back at Alden High School and this year, I tried to see if I could get a fright out of any of the teachers that walk these halls. Join me if you dare! With help from fellow WACS News reporter Dylan Zielinski, I went around to all different teachers and administrators in the building trying to see what kind of reactions I could get out of them. Mrs. Mann, Ms. Claflin, and Mrs. Rapini all shared in the fun of spooky season, which by that I mean they all screamed so loud that all the windows in the building shattered all at once.  However, not all of the teachers embraced the frightening element of Halloween. There were teachers who maintained a stone-face like Mrs. Tanner or those brave souls who laughed in the face of ultimate fear, like Mr. Partell. There were also times when a little force was needed to invoke fright, as with Mr. Carll and then there was Mr. Fecio, who rejected my request to “interview” him more times than there are stars in the sky. I hope you enjoy and that I didn’t scare you too much with my video, but after all, that’s what Halloween’s all about: the frights. I’m Matt Robertson reporting for WACS News and everybody have a very happy Halloween.