Thanksgiving Traditions


Braden Fix, Reporter

In this video I wanted to find out what other people around Alden HS do for Thanksgiving. I reached out to some students and teachers to get information about their days on Thanksgiving. I ended up getting five people. Two teachers, Mrs. Osucha, and Mr. Carll. I also got three students, Dylan Zielinski (Sophomore), Wyatt Riddoch (Junior), and Allie Petschke (Senior). They each had some interesting things to say. Mr. Carll talked about how he always goes out and hunts in the morning and then plays Texas hold’em which is a card game. Mrs. Osucha goes out to Syracuse and goes Black Friday shopping the next day. Wyatt plays monopoly with his family after his Thanksgiving chicken at his Grandma’s house. Dylan spoke about how he has a big meal with his family and then ends up watching a football game or going to the movies. Allie told me how she watches the Macy’s thanksgiving parade and then goes to one parents house for appetizers and then her other parents house for dinner. This video was a great experience and really fun to make. It’s very cool to know what other people do while you’re doing your own thing on Thanksgiving day.