Come Join Gamers Guild


Matthew Sugg, Reporter

Gamers Guild meets every Thursday during advisement in room 145. The purpose of Gamers Guild is to give gamers a place to meet other gamers and enjoy time with one another playing games. 

Gamers Guild is a place that people play games they enjoy, may it be board games, card games, or video games. People can feel comfortable in the environment that Gamers Guild creates, being able to be how they are with people that share their passions.  

There are rules that all gaming participants must follow, these roles include: No noob shaming, no console shaming, and have fun. Mrs. Buell is the adviser for Gamers Guild, and she takes these rules seriously. 

Many teachers do not understand video games, which can lead to misunderstandings regarding what students are talking about, when talking about things in video games. Eventually, the realization came about that there needed to be a place for students to express their gaming side, then Gamers Guild expanded to playing board games, card games and video games.  

In the Fall 2017 the first Gamers Guild meeting was held.  Ten students attended that inaugural meeting. The club has continued to decrees in numbers, so if you are interested come to room 145 on a Thursday during advisement!