Mindfulness Club Reminds Students to be Present


Taylor Tyburski, Producer

       Here at WACS News, things can get pretty stressful, and walking through the halls of a high school, it’s clear to see that many students feel this way. Between schools, extracurriculars, and work, student can find themselves quickly overwhelmed. Thankfully for us, Alden has recently decided to prioritize their students’ mental health. From getting a therapy dog, to hosting wellness day, students have plenty of opportunities to destress at school. This year, some new activities have been added to the list. Every Monday before first or fourth block students report to their advisements to participate in “Mindfulness Mondays”. Later in advisement, they can also choose to participate in yoga. Furthermore, students can now attend monthly mindfulness club meetings. I attended the first meeting and spoke to club advisors, Jessica Tanner and Erin Griggs about their hope for the new club. They both practice mindfulness in their own lives and have noticed a positive impact from it. They decided that they wanted to give students this opportunity as well. In the first meeting, students learned about the benefits of practicing mindfulness and shared their reasons for attending. Answered ranged from being stressed over college applications, to simply wanting to learn what the club was about. Then, the students participated in a guided meditation activity.  

Following the meeting I spoke with some of the students who attended. They all had positive things to say and enjoyed getting the chance to reflect on their day and de-stress. This club is an excellent opportunity for students who are feeling overwhelmed, or simply want to learn about mindfulness. The next meeting will be held on Friday 12/6. If you want to learn more about practicing gratitude in your life, be sure to check it out!