ATLAS Team: Educating the Future


Matt Robertson, Producer

As most people know, the ATLAS team has been integrated into Alden High School for a little over a year, helping teachers and students alike with their Surface Pros. However, we’re no the only ones with new technology. In the intermediate school, the fifth graders were given brand new Lenovo Yoga Pads just as suddenly as the high schoolers were given their Surfaces. With this new technology, I got the scoop on how the ATLAS team plans to educate these future high schoolers. Over the past couple of weeks, some of the ATLAS members have been traveling over to the Intermediate school and teaching these fifth graders all about their new Lenovos.

I sat down with Mr. Turton and Mr. Mikulski to learn more about the idea behind these ground-breaking lessons. “The idea behind these lessons came from Mr. Mikulski as a way to help the teachers durring the role out of all these brand new devices,” Turton says. “We feel that it’s important to teach these kids basic skills now so they are prepared for bigger tasks in middle and high schools.” Mr. Mikulski added, “Their isn’t time to teach high schoolers how to save a file or send an email, so these kids are getting a head start on their future.”

In addition, I talked to Xander Phillips, one of the ATLAS members that teach the lessons. He explained to me that he has been teaching kids how to save a file, upload documents to OneDrive, write an email, and use most of the functions in Word. He also said that these lessons were extremely beneficially as most of the these kids had no prior knowledge of anything he is teaching to them

Congratulations to the ATLAS team for this huge step in their One to the World initiative and good luck to them on all their future projects. This is Matt Robertson reporting for WACS News.