How to Pass All of Your Exams (Not Clickbait!)


Quinn Stoltman, Reporter

January Regents exams are almost here. The Regents exams are statewide standardized examinations in core high school subjects. Students are required to pass these exams in order to earn a Regents Diploma. There is also an option of earning an advanced Regents diploma. Students can receive this honorable award by having all Regents exams average to above a ninety-overall average. In order to graduate, students must take at least five Regents exams over the course of their high school tenure. With these exams approaching so quickly, I have taken it upon myself to create some simple pointers that students need to follow in order to get a grade that they’re happy with on their exam. The exam schedule is as followed: Tuesday- ELA and Living EnvironmentWednesday US History, Geometry, Algebra, and Physics, Thursday- Global History and Algebra 2, and Friday- Earth Science and Chemistry. For more information on times and places, go to: // sure to come to your exam prepared with at least 2 pens, a highlighter, and (if you are taking a math exam) a calculator. By following my simple steps (that you will see in the video) you will be sure to get a good grade. Just remember, the more you study, the better off you’ll be. Best of luck on all your upcoming exams.