On The Road: NYSTEA Student Conference


This year WACS News decided to go road to the NYSTEA student conference 2020. I was accompanied by 14 other students on our way to a resort in the Catskill Mountains to learn a little more about the professional musical theater world from trained professionals.  The New York State Theatre Education Association hosts a weekend getaway for theatre lovers all around New York State to learn new ways to express their many talents.  Professionals come to teach dance, vocal strategies, tech and stage crew tips and tricks, as well as character improvement classes. Including college arts audition and showcase opportunities. Students are given the chance to make new friends from schools all over the state as well as meeting new colleges.  While on the long bus ride I asked a couple of first year attendee sophomores what their expectations of NYSTEA are and what they are looking forward to the most. Aubrey Matthewson, Amelia Kelley, and Dylan Zelinski all enjoyed their first NYSTEA trip experience and highly recommend it for those in the future. While attending the conference students had the opportunity to take 5 classes. Including character, improv, performance, dance, and tech workshops. Including a Red Ribbon Banquet dinner and dance Saturday night.  The Alden Theater Department was very excited to have 5 three year ambassadors going into the weekend to help improve and make a difference at the conference. Concluding our time attending many student delegates were given the opportunity to preform a segment from one of the workshops taken.