Alden Students Hit the Ice

Quinn Stoltman, Reporter

On Thursday February 6th, I traveled to Cornerstone Arena in Lockport for a fun ice skating event. We were pulled out of our classes for the bus at around 9am to depart for the rink. Traveling with me were members of the Iroquois/Alden Varsity team. Aaron Wojtkowiak, Austin Ward, and Billy Froman, several Alden students, teachers, and administrators. When we arrived, everyone was excited to get on the ice, but first the staff at Cornerstone Arena had to hand out skates and helmets. While this was happening, the hockey players gathered walkers and carried them out to the ice. The walkers are used to provide stability and they help to build confidence. The hockey players taught simple skating techniques and provided positive feedback to all the questions that were asked. All the people making their skating debut picked up the skill extremely fast. One student went from a walker to skating on his own in about 15 minutes. When the buzzer sounded and it was time to get off the ice, everyone went to the main lobby to eat lunch. When lunch concluded, we boarded the buses that headed back to school. This event was a lot of fun and I would definitely go again if I got the opportunity to. Hope to see everyone back on the ice!