Bulldogs Travel to Europe and Education Comes to Life Abroad


Zoe Guilliams, Reporter

Leaving Alden Schools for a week, most students expected to have break from learning; however, these students learned more than a classroom could ever teach them on their trip to Europe. From being taught airport etiquette to appropriate cultural customs and ancient history; these students were presented with a wealth of opportunities. Whether they enjoyed it or not; being able to teach and absorb abroad makes it easier to retain and experience information. While working on this video I found myself remembering most of the facts and history that I learned. As I was mindlessly roaming the streets of Paris and Barcelona I didn’t think my mind was paying much attention. It wasn’t until after returning home that I realized how well I retained all this information.

I was quickly able to recall information that was being taught to me as I played back each clip and picture. Many long lessons in Spanish and French class never amounted to learning the background of the Eiffel Tower while being directly in front of it. Cultural customs became routine towards the end of the trip; skills we learned in the first three days in Barcelona carried over to our journey in Pairs. Followed by our journey home, we all seemed to be airport traveling pros.

Experiencing culture that these students have been studying, on first-hand accounts, has the greatest impact. A boost in intriguing students to learn more about international cultures. The grasp on information is so much easier to achieve when placed in the heart of a city that lives and breathes the culture.

These trips show students and parents that learning outside of a classroom teaches more than inside. Educational Tours are well worth getting involved in and these 70 Alden Bulldogs sure feel the same way.