Unified “BowlDogs” Hit The Lanes


Braden Fix, Reporter

Unified Bowling is THE sport of the Winter Season! This team is coached by Coach Matecki and began at the beginning of 2020. This team has played their matches not to win, do good, or impress the coach, but to have fun with friends and bond with students you may not talk to normally. The team has traveled around playing at different AMF lanes. The team has produced an athlete of the week (Harley Dudley) and has been named one of the scholar athlete teams of the year. Meaning, that at least 75% of the team has a 90% or higher. The students on the team have excelled with their education along with their bowling skills. Here is a quote from Mr. Matecki:

“Basically, Unified Sports unites people with and without intellectual disabilities on the same team.  It was inspired by a principle that training together and playing together is a quick path to friendship and understanding.

The season went incredibly well. I believe that all members of the team took something from the program.  It is my hope, that this program is a starting point for more opportunities to unite all students, through various activities.”

The plan on continuing the season next year.

Good luck!!!