Theatre Plans Throughout the District for 2020-2021


Rayahna Tryka, Social Media Manager

Across the country people are living in a world full of unknowns caused by the coronavirus. Modified plans have been made for extra-curricular activities for students including theatre.

Just like sports and clubs, theatre is an outlet for many students to express themselves and feel comfortable. There’s a family-like structure to the rehearsals on weekends and it’s a team effort to accomplish the performances. The community finds joy in watching young members sing, dance and act on stage just like parents and family enjoy watching the football games, tennis matches and cross country meets. Theatre makes children feel accepted and confident. Fortunately, it’s here to stay this year amidst this pandemic.

The high school theatre club put together two virtual performances for an audience to enjoy that premiered on December 10th. Christmas Shorts On-Line and A Virtual Whodunnit brought smiles to the faces of many. It was obviously a different way of performing, but it still brought a sense of normalcy to the district and gave the middle school directors hope that something could happen for their show.

“We’re hoping that perhaps by the spring we can do a show like normal. But we’re being realistic so we’re looking into other options including virtual shows.” said Mrs. Tryka, the middle school musical director. Both the middle and high school have been looking at what other schools have been doing and considering the possibility to do some sort of musical review for the community. The option to perform in the summer has also been mentioned. Both theatre clubs meet virtually once a month to discuss different ways of formulating a show.

Whether the upcoming performances will be virtual or in-person and socially distanced, theatre will still be a shining light in Alden!