Alden Football: Preparing for the Season


Dillon Dake, Sports Reporter

For many months, the Alden Football Team has been working out and practicing to prepare for the upcoming season starting February 1, 2021.

Members of the team have been getting together for months to work out and run routes to prepare for the nearing season. The football season coming back is a huge step not only for the athletes but for the students and the whole community. Although there most likely won’t be fans in attendance, the students and others would be able to watch via livestream.

Bulldogs Quarterback Dylan Zielinski said, “We’re all done losing,” referring to himself and his teammates.

“I’m preparing for the upcoming season by basically getting a whole bunch of the guys up to the field as much as we can. Throwing, running routes, building chemistry,” Dylan said. “Our expectations are to win. We’re done losing. I think I speak for the whole team when we say we’re all done losing.”

Another Bulldog player, Ben Meyer, who plays wide receiver and free safety said, “We can’t say that we’re going to go undefeated, but that’s my goal.” He and other Bulldog players are hoping for a better season than in previous years.

“Me and my team are preparing for the season by getting out here as much as we can and trying to get reps on the football field,” Meyer said. “We’re trying to build the team up as much as we can because we can’t get official practices so we’re trying to get as many unofficial practices as we can.”