New Class Lets Students Embrace their Creativity

Miss Ziegler’s Creative Studies class puts the newly renovated Innovation Lab to good use

New Class Lets Students Embrace their Creativity

Jill Peruzzi, Repoter

Creative Studies is an exciting new class at Alden High School that teaches students a variety of creative thinking and problem solving skills. Miss Ziegler instructs this class in the Innovation Lab. “We spend some time defining (creativity) and realizing how it really can be used everywhere in everything that we do,” says Miss Ziegler. Through practicing several skills, students will eventually become more creative themselves. Most of the things taught in this class can be applied to other courses and to everyday life.

Brainstorming, divergent thinking, and imagination are a few things students study in this course. Often, the class consists of hands-on group activities and discussions. There usually is no right or wrong answer to the problems presented. Students learn to avoid judgement when coming up with solutions so that they can find as many as possible. The course also looks at the character traits of creative individuals, such as Thomas Edison, to draw inspiration from.

The Innovation Lab is equipped with a lot of awesome new materials and resources, so it is the perfect place to host Creative Studies. The large amount of space provides a lot of flexibility, therefore the possibilities are unlimited. Some things that the students have access to are a Smart Board, computer lab, 3D printer, and all sorts of crafting supplies and puzzles. There are also bean bag chairs and a couch to help ease the creative process.

Every few classes, students participate in Open Lab Days. This is a chance for students to “play” with all of the materials in the Innovation Lab. The goal is for students to learn new things from each other and teach their skills to others. For example, a student could learn how to play chess from a classmate, and then pass on their knowledge about Rubik’s Cubes to someone else. “Open Lab Days are adventurous and fun,” says Tess Woitaszek, a sophomore currently enrolled in Creative Studies.

Creative Studies is a great experience for all students, whether they believe they are creative or not. It’s a truly engaging course that is unlike any other that the district offers. “It is not taught in many schools as far as I know, and I’m lucky to be able to be doing it,” Miss Ziegler added. Anyone in grades 9-12 can take this class to discover their full creative potential.