Athletic Director Appreciation


With most winter sports finishing their seasons soon, it’s time to take a bit of a step backwards and understand how another great winter sports season was pulled off this year.

With the help of some of our athletes here at Alden High School, we decided to shed light on all of the hard work that goes on in the athletic office to make sure that athletes like myself can have as normal of a season as we can.

I had the privilege of speaking to one of Alden’s co-athletic directors, Mr. Partell, about the ins and outs of being an athletic director, as well as some of the challenges that this year has brought to the world of high school sports.

As you may be able to guess, COVID-19 has been a tough hoop to jump through. First, all sporting procedures must adhere to state health and safety guidelines before anything else. This means masks during practices and games, and on the bus rides to away games.

Mr. Partell explains that dealing with COVID protocols has been hard for him and the team in the athletic office, due to state health and safety guidelines always changing.

Some of the milestones that were achieved this winter sports season include spectators at home games, and zero sport season cancellations. On behalf of all the athletes and coaches here at Alden, we would like to thank our wonderful people down in the athletic office for their dedication to another winter sports season in the books.