Alden Central Schools Presents: Band-O-Rama 2021

If you are a district parent, student or employee, please check your email for a message containing the password to the video.

Hello everyone and welcome to the Alden Central School District’s 7th Annual Band-O-Rama. We had hoped our 7th Band-O-Rama wouldn’t also be our 2nd Virtual Band-O-Rama but … here we are!

Last year we shared Band-O-Rama with you from our living room to your living room. Although you are still watching from your living room, the students were able to be recorded live during school. This year has challenged us as directors to think outside the box and find a way for us to share the musical talents of our student musicians. The instrumental directors at ACS wanted to find a way to continue our annual tradition.

At the Intermediate School, director Mrs. Kelly Nieman recorded each of the students playing their own individual part separately and edited them together to create a large group experience. You will see and hear the members of the 4th and 5th grade bands perform their large group numbers.

Our 6-12 ensembles were recorded during their band rehearsals in the auditorium. This allowed our larger cohorts to perform together at a safe distance. For most of the grades 6-12 performing groups the auditorium has become our band room this year. In the middle school the 6th, 7th and 8th grade bands are directed by Mrs. Bridget Nye. The high school ensembles are directed by Mr. William Larrabee.

We would like to applaud our students for stepping out of their comfort zone. Normally in performance groups, we have the comfort of being surrounded by our friends. Although this is not our usual gathering in the gym at the High School, we hope that this brings you a little joy. The most important thing is that we are still able to perform!

We hope that you enjoy Alden Central School District’s 7th Annual Band O Rama.