The Teacher Doppelgängers Of Alden, New York


Have you ever sat there wondering who Alden teachers’ doppelgängers are? Well I am going to tell you their personalities and who they act just like.

Mr. Carll is just like The Rock. He is the motivator. The maniac. He will push you until you literally cannot move anymore. He is one crazy man.

Mr. Turton, on the other hand, was roasted and toasted in a video from years ago comparing him to an asparagus. His glasses and the way he looks make him the perfect resemblance. He is #atruecelebrity.

Mrs. Tanner looks and acts like a Disney princess. You’ll sit there in English class and she’ll go on and on about how she wants to be in Disney Movies and go to Disney World. She turned into Elsa from Frozen and sang “Let it go, Let it go!”

Mr. Casillo is Alden’s version of the leprechaun from Lucky Charms. He always chases the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Every day is St. Patrick’s Day to him!

Mr. Dabkowski, the Twitter Bird, tweets 10 million tweets a day. He just doesn’t stop!