Morning Weight Room Hours Provide Opportunities for Student Athletes


Over the past few months a few people in this school have been pushing to get the weight room back open in the morning and in the afternoons for students.

While afternoon hours for the weight room are still not possible, the morning slot was opened back up to a maximum of eight students every morning before school. Thanks to people like middle school teacher Mr. Matecki, High School Vice Principal Mr. MacCowan, and High School P.E. teacher Mr. Carll, the weight room was able to open back up with specific guidelines to be followed.

Students have to remain 6 feet apart and wear a mask at all times while also making sure they wipe down equipment each time after use. In this video, we interview two athletes along with Mr. Carll as they talk about what opening the weight room back up means to them, how not having it opened affected them and how life was when they were quarantined and could not use the weight room.