WNYIT Virtual STEM Conference this May


The second annual WNYIT Conference will be held virtually on May 4 through 7. This Western New York Information Technology Conference is a collaboration between students from 13 different schools and industry partners from around the world. They team up to provide workshops and classes to benefit students interested in technology.

To sign up for WNYIT, students filled out an interest survey expressing their interests in technology. Then, a team of ATLAS members, chief science officers, robotics team members and WACS News members prepared the sessions that will be held this May. The conference this year is taken to a whole new level, incorporating students from around the world as well.

Alden High school Junior, Andrew Pruetz said, “I look forward to seeing a lot of different students from all over the United States and possibly even abroad as well as presenters.”

“I’m really excited to see how WNYIT takes to a virtual platform and if this could possibly be something we introduce even post pandemic times to allow others from outside the Western New York area to be a part of WNYIT,” said Alden High school student Amelia Kelly.

More information can be found on the WNYIT social Media accounts and on the WNYIT website.(Instagram: @wnyitconference | Twitter: @WNYITConference)