AHS Homecoming Week: COVID-Style


Homecoming is usually one of the most exciting events that a high school student looks forward to. This year though, COVID-19 took Alden High School’s typical homecoming week away from us in October. Luckily, we’re fortunate enough to have some pretty determined class advisors and staff here at AHS to give us a homecoming โ€” COVID style.

This month, students were beyond excited to hear that we would be having a homecoming week. Despite there not being an actual dance, students were be able to participate in our annual Battle of the Classes, spirit week, parade, and hallway decorating. With a few adjustments to each event, we were able to make all of them happen in a COVID friendly way.

Battle of the Classes was held outside on the football field on April 27 and 28 to maintain COVID guidelines as well as keep students 6 feet apart. Freshmen competed against sophomores for the first group, and juniors went head-to-head with the seniors in the second group. Everyone got their own equipment and students in the stands will sat socially distanced.

For the homecoming parade, each grade decorated five cars based on their decade. Walking beside the cars were 30 students per grade.

Hallway decorating allowed each grade level twenty students to transform their designated hallway into their assigned decade: Freshmen (1990s); Sophomores (1950s), Juniors (1980s); and Seniors (1960s).

While it isn’t a “normal” homecoming week, we are so incredibly grateful to everyone who made this year’s homecoming week possible.