2021- Who Is Most Likely To…?


Every year it is the graduating class’s job to vote amongst themselves on who is the “most/most likely to” for many categories. A poll was sent out to the senior class earlier this year via Microsoft Forms and the results are in. These results are usually then seen in the yearbook at the end of the year. This year, WACS News partnered with the yearbook club to try out something different. Since the students who won already know, we figured it made sense to announce the results to everyone else. 

Class Clown: 

-Wyatt Riddoch  

-Emma Schloss  

Most Athletic: 

-Matt Sentz  

-Alyssa Attardo  

Most Musical: 

-Instrumental: Katie Sentz  

-Vocal: Matt Robertson  

Most Countrified: 

-Ben Kron  

Most Inseparable: 

-Paige & Saige 

Best Bromance: 

-Micah Barrett & Max Wozniak 

Most Artistic: 

-Emerson Bartsch  

-Allison Panek  

Most Involved: 

-Maddie Abbott  

-Caroline Wrest  

Most Tech Savvy: 

-Cole Erhardt  

-Luke Drew  

Best Dressed: 

-Charles Freeman  

-Tori Tredinnick  

Most Spirited: 

-Caroline Wrest  

-Julie Bizub  

Most Likely to Fall Asleep on Zoom: 

-Max Wozniak