Alden Seniors Contend with Pesky New Disease


As the end of the year is approaching, we all know a new type of sickness arises with the seniors. Watch as I hit the halls and ask seniors if they’ve caught this terrible sickness we all know as “senioritis.”

After asking the seniors of Alden High School I got a bunch of different answers but they all were simple in one way: Everyone had it. There answers were ether yes, because I now wake up five minuets before having to leave for school or yes, because I barley do my online work and I rarely come into school.

I even visited an all-senior class and asked the whole class some questions. It was hard to get an answer out of them due to everyone being asleep and only  one person answering.

With this information I came to the conclusion that every senior has this terrible sickness we know as senioritis. A suggestion I give to all the seniors out there is just do the best you can and get through these last couple months.