Covid-19 Guidelines Evolve at Alden


This year has been different for many reasons, but recently there have been some new changes to Covid-19 guidelines intended to ensure the safety of students and staff.

As of April 26, grades K-6 returned 100 percent of the time in Alden. The rest of the middle school and all of the high school is still in hybrid learning and when they are in person they are required to to wear masks 100 percent of the time, aside from teacher-determined mask breaks.

The new guidelines help students and staff stay safe while learning in a good environment.

The guidelines state that “Six feet of distance is required when eating meals or snacks, or drinking, or other times masks must be removed.”

Alden High School Principal Mr. Ryan said: “At Alden High School teachers are required to give mask/brain breaks in an 80-minute block.” These mask breaks can be used at the teacher’s discretion.

Mr. Ryan also encouraged the use of outdoor areas, which may include the stadium bleachers that have 6-foot social distancing markings affixed to the front side of each row, large tents that will provide shade for students and staff, or other open-air spaces on school property.

“With returning full-time, the safety of student and staff is the most important thing,” Mr. Ryan said. “With these new changes, there may be a chance that all of ACS will return full-time.”