Middle School Band Prepares for Virtual Concert


The Alden Middle School music department is coming up with some unique solutions to the challenges posed by Covid-19 protocols this spring.

The band has to maintain a 12-foot distance apart from each other, which Middle School Band Director Mrs. Nye explains, affects the sound of the instruments coming together. Along with maintaining distance, the band members will be wearing masks with slits where the mouth while playing their instruments. These masks will control and limit any spit particles that would be in the air when not wearing any mask.

“The band has come a long way the past few months,” Mrs. Nye said. She is proud of her students for persevering through the difficult protocols and coming to band rehearsals with a positive attitude each day.

I got a firsthand view of how the band prepares each week with the guidelines in place and was thoroughly impressed with the sound of the band and the attitude the students had with the difficulties in place.

I also got the chance to interview Mrs. Nye about the upcoming virtual concert she and her students are preparing for. She explained to me that this year is most definitely not an ideal circumstance, especially for a group of 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade youngsters who have barely had the taste of band yet. Mrs. Nye has been a big help to these students and encouraged them to have a positive outlook on these crazy times.

The Middle School band will be having a virtual concert in the next month, so watch out for these kids to impress you you!