Mr. Domino Trains Tomorrow’s Leaders in First Annual AHS Leadership Summit

Ryan DesJardins


Ryan DesJardins, Beat Reporter

Mr. Domino, the student congress advisor, held a Leadership Seminar which was intended for “all of the pillar officers and all of the class officers” on September 25. The objective of this seminar was to “create a common language of leadership among the student leaders.” Mr. Domino wanted to teach student leaders to have a “clear mission statement and also understand the qualities of a good leader.” This is the first year of the seminar, which is why it was exclusive to student congress and pillar officers. Mr. Domino was happy with the turn out as almost all of the officers invited were in attendance. He wanted to test the event to see how it would work and he said that they might try another next year with more student leaders being invited. There were several different activities that the students participated in during the event to hone their leadership skills. Mr. Domino was very pleased with the outcome of the event and hopes for another next year.