Art Murals Create a Positive Impact in Alden


With the recent return of grades 7-12 in the Alden district, Mrs. Cometto’s art students were thrilled to be working together as a full class. Mrs. Cometto introduced a new project to the students: Art With a Purpose.

This project was designed to get the students thinking about how can they create artwork that impacts their community. They started the project by taking a tour of Alden. The students observed Alden’s artwork and really though about what that art meant, and how it impacted our community.

After concluding the tour of Alden, students realized that there were a few beautiful murals in Alden, but not enough. Mrs. Cometto described it as “serendipity” when the owner of the Alden Cafe and Bakery ontacted her and offered a large blank wall on their building. Of course, she accepted. Taking this on as an end-of-year project was incredibly exciting for Mrs. Cometto and her students.

Meanwhile, four art students involved in Mrs. Cometto’s senior art workshop decided that they wanted to branch out and put their own twist on this project. They proposed the idea of painting positive murals by the guidance office. Paige Jegierski, Saige Carlson, Emersen Bartsch, and Allison Panek took everything into their own hands and got permission to paint their murals in the guidance hallway.

Saige Carlson said, “everyone walking past the hallway, it brightens their days, cause it is such a positive message.”

We are so proud of Mrs. Cometto’s amazing students for using their talent and creativity to leave a positive impact on the Alden community!