Annual Middle School Pancake Breakfast

Ryan DesJardins

Over the weekend, Alden Middle School hosted their annual Pancake Breakfast. The breakfast is on its 12th year and the money raised from the event is going to help fund the Eighth Grade class on their trip to Washington D.C.

In a recent interview, Mr. Smith, the Middle School principle, told us all about this great event. Although the breakfast is simply “pancakes, sausage, coffee, and milk,” he says that it is one of the most popular events held by the Middle School. Mr. Smith told us that the reason so many people come to the Breakfast every year is because in the morning before and during the breakfast, the Middle School hosts the Apple Run and also the Alden Stampede. He then went on to say that another reason for the popularity of the Pancake Breakfast is because “it is inside, the kids are working it, people are coming and going, and also because of the other events going on today.” All who attend these events are encouraged to go to the breakfast, which greatly increases the number of people in attendance. Only one breakfast runs every year but that doesn’t deter people from attending the event. Over 250 pre sale tickets were sold before the breakfast and it was anticipated for over 300 tickets to be sold in total.

The next Pancake Breakfast will occur the same time next year and the funds will go towards helping fund the 8th grade Washington Trip as the past breakfasts’ have. The Pancake Breakfast is an excellent event, which allows people to come together as a community and support the school.