Girls Varsity Swim: First Division Champs in History


The Alden Girls swim team made history on Thursday, Oct. 7, 2021. The girls went into their final meet facing Eden. The girls were undefeated and fighting for the title of Division Champions.  

They swam an extremely close race, which came down to hundredths of a second. Every single swim counted as they got closer and closer in points. After the last relay, the teams were tied in points, 93 to 93. The score brought so much emotion out of all the girls and coaches as they knew it allowed the Alden Girls 2021 team to take home the title of Division Champions. They have earned a spot on a gym banner for the first time in ACS history!

Coach Osucha and Coach Pelitera have strategized for this meet from the beginning by watching their times and researching competing teams. After putting together the lineup it was all up to the girls. When the girls arrived, they had a great attitude and were excited.  

“Tomorrow, you get to walk in champions,” Coach Osucha.

Wish the girls luck as they will continue their season at ECICSs and Class C meets.