Coaches, Can You Do It?


Can coaches really play what they teach, or are they just bundled up with knowledge? I was curious, so I told them to put their money where their mouths are and get to it!

Mrs. Osucha wanted to get revenge on one of her better swimmers who got the best of her a couple of weeks ago. In the end, she came up big and won redemption!

Mr. Turton, on the other hand, was handed the whistle due to the shortage of referees in Western New York. I thought he would be good with it, except he made a lot of questionable calls. I then march down to the football field, to watch Coach Shadle long-snap a football. He told me in a previous interview he could long-snap a ball 30 yards, yet he only was able to long-snap it 12! Not even half of 30!

After that, Mr. Carll came up to me and told me that he could run a 7-minute mile. When I put him to the test, he came in at a 30-minute mile. That, he told to his runners, is an old granny pace, yet when he runs the “old granny pace,” he backs it up by saying “slow and steady wins the race.” It didn’t get him anywhere! Finally, I went to the golf course, and Mr. Casillo pulled off a hole in one! He dominated Kis-N-Greens!