How to Be Mean: Grinch Edition


While the holiday season is quickly approaching, we begin to remember what Christmas is truly about. Like spreading love, joy, kindness, and compassion to everyone around you.

While most people try to enjoy this beautiful time of the year by doing good deeds and taking time to appreciate their loved ones, others are doing the complete opposite, by trying to ruin this time for others. These holiday haters love scaring people, being mean, and showing all the possible hatred that they could towards everyone. It almost seems like these peoples’ hearts shrunk a few sizes. In this WACS News video, a known Grinch around the halls, Ava Dimao, will be trying to turn the too-happy Tiara Price into a people-hating Grinch just like herself.

While I learned from Ava on how to be just as mean as her, I slowly began to become more and more like her, which kind of worried me. While Ava was taking a while to figure out what needed to happen next for me to become mean, I began getting a bit impatient.

“Ava, c’mon. I didn’t even want to come here in the first place!” I said. Ava replied with, “Yay, you’re being brutally honest. This is exactly what I wanted!”

If you want to see me change more and more into the Grinch that Ava Dimao is, watch my video to see my crazy transformation!