Bromance Remix: Valentine’s Edition


After another rough year, Valentine’s Day is approaching and everyone is a little slumped and not in the mood for America’s most disliked holiday.

But we are here to help! To get everyone in the lovey festive spirit, we teamed up with our own WACS News staff. Creative director Dylan Zielinski and Director of Podcasting Ayden Catanzaro work together in this video to re-create romantically corny iconic scenes from everyone’s favorite romance movies, including “Dirty Dancing,” “Titanic,” and more.

Two viewers, Dorian McMahon and Ryan Murphy, were starstruck after watching. Dorian McMahon was quoted saying, “Five out of five, would recommend. Most beautiful movie I have watched. It made me feel connected with my favorite bro while watching. Great movie, would hope for many more people to watch.”

So, if you’re spending this Valentine’s Day sad, alone, and you are looking for some comedic relief, grab some popcorn and a bro to enjoy our “Bro-mantic” remix on these classic and annoyingly cringey love stories.