Into the Deadwax, ep. 1: Into the Creator


Welcome to the first episode of “Into the Deadwax.” This podcast was created by me, Aubrey Matthewson, in order to shed a light on the music in all our hearts. It provides a creative outlet for guests of all backgrounds to come together to talk about something so personal.

Do you know what deadwax is? Any record collector knows that it is a certain area between the last track and the label. In this area you will see letters, strings of numbers, maybe even a message if you’re lucky. It provides information on manufacturers, pressing numbers, and even the engineer behind the record.

In this episode, I explain a record’s “birth certificate,” why I created this podcast, what got me into music, and even read my college essay.

The essay was about how through the help of my favorite band, Greta Van Fleet, and a newly developed bond with music made me a better person. In the essay I describe the moment where I knew I was getting somewhere and how, through a single video, “my soul seemed to find home.”

This video was a live version of the song “Heat Above” by Greta Van Fleet. As you listen to me read the essay you will hear exactly what I was envisioning during the  writing process. The video plays in the background just as it did in the back of my head. This new perspective of listening helps you to understand just how chaotically beautiful their music is. Feel free to read my full essay here.

In future episodes I will be listening to records that a guest brings in, discussing new tours/upcoming events, and maybe a few music-based rants. Be sure to stay tuned! (Yes. This is a music/instrument pun.)