Senioritis In the Classroom


Seniors: It’s that time of year. Graduation is only three months away! We all are getting sick and tired of work, and every class seems meaningless. Now that February break has passed, it is now the home stretch.

The end may seem close, but for seniors like me, it is so far away. We have completely lost all motivation since some of us can now map out our futures. We just come in so that we don’t get fined. We only need to look good to the people of Alden for three more months. But there is one thing to look forward to: freedom. Once you get out of high school, you can pretty much do whatever you want.

You can get a tattoo, you can go into the workforce, you can choose to go for more schooling, or you could become a YouTuber and do dumb things for millions of dollars.

But there’s a catch: Your mom or dad doesn’t make that decision for you. You do. You will soon be your own boss. Now you have to start paying your bills and be responsible for yourself. You may also have to cook yourself dinner. So honestly, there’s ups and downs for everything.

So just enjoy the last few months of high school while you have them. Make the most out of tonight and worry ’bout it all tomorrow.