AHS Holds Cold War Cocktail Party


Mrs. Kornacki and Mrs. M-C’s Global 10 Honors Class held a Cold War Cocktail Party on March 23 in the high school library. Each student in the class dressed up as a different Cold War historical figure and learned about how their assigned leader affected the Cold War and changed the course of history. Each student was also responsible for bringing in an item that represents the figure they were portraying, and had to act like their leader at all times during the party. The students interacted with each other to get a better understanding of the other leader’s point of view.

I spoke to a handful of dictators, presidents, and prime ministers, and heard about all of the drama going on around the Cold War. Each person’s views diverged radically from the next, causing lots of rivalry and trash talk. Some people were definitely not excited to be there, but I’m sure some of these issues had to be resolved, right?

There were many memorable moments form this stirring party, but one with former U.S. President Ronald Reagan stood out to me in particular. When Reagan was asked about his feelings about the other communist Cold War leaders, I listened while he explained to me all about how he had to always be ready for anything and everything, especially against the unpredictable “commies.” And let’s just say, Reagan’s response was characteristic of him.

“I wouldn’t say I’m that nervous because I got my space lasers here,” Reagan said. As you can see, Reagan was extremely serious about staying safe from the “commies,” and I was trying my absolute hardest to keep a straight face.

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