Into the Deadwax, ep. 2: Into Pink Floyd with Jordan Strasser


We’re back with another episode of Into the Deadwax!

In this episode I decided to bring along the first person with whom I really connected musically, Jordan Strasser. Jordan and I met in swim but didn’t really talk until we realized we both loved Greta Van Fleet. I soon followed her on Spotify and started listening to her rock playlists. These playlists were the gateway into my newfound appreciation for rock and roll, 70’s/80’s, classic rock, etc.

Originally, Jordan brought a variety of records that she was excited to talk about. However, after I had expressed that I had never really gotten into Pink Floyd’s music, she decided that we should start there. In this episode we talked about her favorites from the band’s 1973 album “The Dark Side of the Moon.” While the record plays in the background, we also got into the band’s movie “The Wall,” deeper meanings within songs, our first record players, and of course scattered brief pauses to just appreciate the music.

While recording this episode, we even lost track of time. Due to this minor complication, Jordan will be back next episode to further discuss Pink Floyd and tie up the loose threads of our conversation. Until then, enjoy this episode of “Into the Deadwax.”