Mr. Domino Appreciation


In an effort to show our appreciation for Mr. Domino, we set out to ask Alden students and faculty to speak a little about him.

“Mr. Domino has the most grit out of anyone I know,” said Anthony Kudla when asked about Mr. Domino.

While many commented on Mr. Domino’s ecstatic personality, just as many spoke about how they admire his teaching style. Kristina Wilson said, “He’s very emotional about teaching and puts his personality into the class.”

“He has helped me learn so much about myself and help me to pursue my future,” said Lexie Hillman.

More than anything, though, Domino’s students admire his love for them as a whole and his willingness to give to the community of Alden. In an interview on Friday, Saxon Scherer said, “On my first day of school, Mr. Domino showed me where all my classes were”

Rayahna Tryka added, “He really only wants the best for the students at Alden.”

Over the last week, the Domino family’s fundraiser page has raised more than $30,000 to help them through this difficult time. The Alden community has also donated countless clothes, toys and gift cards to aid in this time of hardship for the Dominos.