Alden Community Rallies Around Local Teacher


On Saturday March 26 a fire broke out on North Road and Crittenden. The house belonged to Alden’s own Mr. Domino.

Mr. Domino is a teacher at Alden High School and he is loved by all students and faculty. He is one of the kindest men in the district.

“We call him Tigger because he always bounces around the school with a smile on his face,” said Alden High School Guidance Counselor Mrs. Hake.

“I absolutely adore him… He’s done so much for this school and this community,” said Alden High school science teacher Mrs. Moran.

When the Alden community heard about this tragic event they gathered together and decided to do something about it and help a family in need.

Not even a day later, a Gofundme campaign was quickly made with the goal of raising $5,000 dollars. A  few days later, the Gofundme reached $30,726 (and counting.)

“It goes to show how our community rallies around them in a time of need,” said Mrs. Hake. Mr. Domino has been telling multiple people that the generosity Alden has showed him and his family during this time has been a blessing.

Not only was a Gofundme made but also the Alden Presbyterian Church started to collect basic necessities for the family (baby clothes, children’s toys, and gift cards.) Many donations were made for the family throughout the week.

When one of Alden’s very own teachers went through a tragedy, the community rallied around him and took care of him and his family.