Mr. Domino’s Chemistry Class Launches Bottle Rocket Bonanza


On Friday, April 29, Mr. Domino’s second-block College Chemistry class launched their own bottle rockets.

The class spent more than a week learning formulas to calculate how much vinegar and baking soda would be needed to launch the rockets and assembled the rockets.

Many students used standard one-liter bottles as their rockets, which they found to go the farthest. There were some more adventurous designs that were perhaps not as successful.

Kyle Urban’s attached five one-liter bottles together to make a rocket that stood around 3 feet tall. Ricky’s rocket was made from a 5 gallon jug. Both of them failed to launch, But the reactions to their rockets were priceless and made the video.

We asked Mr. Domino’s class about how the rockets were engineered for flight and the most challenging part of the project.

“The hardest part was definitely taking the tea out of the tea bags and reassembling the packages with baking soda,” said participant Nicole Wozniak.

This was Mr. Domino’s first time trying the experiment and his class loved it.

“I loved how involved the kids were during this whole process and really enjoyed the kids bringing out their creativity and implementing it into the project,” Mr. Domino said. “It just made it that much better.”